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Outdoor Swing Seat

Why Everyone Needs An Outdoor Swing Seat

Us Aussies love spending time outdoors, soaking up the sun, and listening to the beautiful noises of nature. So, this summer, why not invest in an outdoor swing seat so you can enjoy even more time doing what you love? At Appleby & Co, we have a range of outdoor swing seats to suit everyone’s needs. With a range of health benefits, aesthetically pleasing designs, and overall comfort, you’d be silly not to buy one for your house this summer!

3-seater Garden Swing Bench with Canopy Poly Rattan Grey

Why Should You Get An Outdoor Swing Seat

At Appleby & Co, we love helping people find the right swing seat for their outdoor area. Whether you want to put it in your garden, next to the pool, or on the patio, these are the reasons why you should invest in an outdoor swing seat.

  • Being outside is great. Sitting outdoors admiring the nature and beauty around you is such a beautiful yet straightforward activity. Not only does sitting outside give you fresh air, but it can also help give your brain a break from everyday thinking and stress and clear your mind. 
  • Health benefits. Who would’ve thought that sitting on a chair outside would be beneficial for you? Well, it is! Sitting on an outdoor swing seat helps reduce your stress levels and supports your body so you can feel a sense of relief on your back. 
  • A place to relax. If you’ve run out of areas inside the house to relax, investing in an outdoor swing seat is the solution you’ve been looking for. Just picture it. You are swinging on a seat outside with birds chirping nearby and the wind blowing through your hair; ultimate relaxation. 

Tips For Setting Up Your Patio Swing

When it comes to setting up your patio swing, there are only a few tips you need to know. At Appleby & Co, we love helping our customers create the perfect outdoor area, so here are some tips for setting up your patio swing.

  • Find the perfect spot. When it comes to buying and setting up your patio swing, you want to make sure it’s in the ideal place for functionality and aesthetic. Once you’ve found the perfect spot that’s right for you, you can get started.
  • Allow space. After finding the spot you want to set it up in, you need to have at least one metre in front and behind the seat to allow it to swing back and forth without hitting anything. 
  • Read the manual. Lastly, a basic yet essential task that will help you correctly set up your swing. If the manual is too hard to understand, you can always Google it and watch a video tutorial. 
2-Seater Swing Bench with Palm Leaves Bamboo 202 cm
43237 Outdoor Swing Bench with Canopy Sand White

Creative Ways To Style Your Outdoor Swing Seat

  • Add a pop of colour. Not only will your outdoor swing seat be a place for you to relax, but it will also be a statement piece of your outdoor area. Add a pop of colour by placing bold cushions on your seat.
  • Make it comfortable with a blanket. Nothing says comfort like a nice cuddly blanket. If you spend a lot of your time lounging on the chair, adding a beautiful blanket will not only make you want to sleep on the swing, but it will also make it look cosy. 
  • Plant vines. Another creative way you can style your swing seat to look great is by planting vines that will grow around your swing and make it look inviting and stand out in your outdoor area.

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