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Wine Cabinets


Finding A High-Quality Cabinet For Your Home

Cabinets and cupboards are an underrated aspect of many homes, yet they can set the tone and atmosphere for whichever room they sit within. At Appleby & Co, we understand the value of high-quality cabinetry. We appreciate the wow-factor of beautiful bathroom and kitchen storage cabinets, and we know what stunning wine cabinets can do for a room. That’s why we encourage our customers to look carefully at the state of their cupboards and consider a subtle facelift for the room. 

Sideboard 60x35x75 cm Solid Mango Wood

Signs You Might Need New Cabinets Or Cupboards

If you notice the following signs around your home, it might be time to consider purchasing new cabinets or cupboards. 

  • Your current cupboards are outdated. If you walk into your kitchen or bathroom and you feel that the cabinets are aged, dull, or using colour palettes of a time gone by, it’s time for an upgrade.
  • You’re running out of room. If you’re running out of room indoors, a new set of bathroom or kitchen storage cabinets can create plenty of space. Alternatively, you could invest in a china cabinet to display all your sentimental knick-knacks safely. As for the garden, outdoor storage cupboards provide a space for you to put tools, toys, shoes, and cushions.
  • Your cabinets are damaged. Whether there are broken hinges, missing knobs, or water damage, when your cupboards show signs of wear, you need to replace them. You want to make sure the things inside the cabinets are safe, so why store them in broken cupboards?
  • You’re re-doing the whole room. Unless you’ve got brand new cabinets already, you probably won’t want to include the old ones in a bathroom or kitchen renovation. Select high-quality cabinets that provide enough storage options and integrate seamlessly with your colour palette and style.

Questions To Ask Before Buying

Before buying cupboards for your bathroom or kitchen or investing in any china or wine cabinets, there are a few questions to ask yourself. 

  • What am I using this for? Is this space for storage, or are you looking for a safe space to display certain items? While a china cabinet is the typical go-to for display cabinets, many kitchen storage cabinets nowadays have glass fronts allowing you to show more delicate dinnerware.
  • How much space do I have? Whether you’re planning for a kitchen, a bathroom, or outdoors, you don’t want to make the area look cramped with a large cupboard or cabinet. Take careful measurements of the room and choose cupboards that have the perfect balance between spacious and simple.
  • How do I want the room to look? Cabinet configuration is an essential part of the planning phase. Take your measurements and think about how you can best utilise the space. Don’t waste any room, and take opportunities to add smaller cupboards or cabinets for bins, chopping boards, or cleaning products. 
Chest of Drawers Metal Industrial Style 78x40x93 cm Black
10-Drawer Cabinet 35x30x120 cm Solid Teak Wood

Things To Look For In A High-Quality Cabinet 

When choosing cabinets or cupboards, you’ll naturally want to select the highest quality products. At Appleby & Co, we’re committed to supplying premium quality cabinets for affordable prices. No matter your budget, we’re guaranteed to have wine cabinets, outdoor storage cupboards and everything in between to suit you. Here are a few tips for selecting high-quality cabinets. 

  • Look at the materials. Cabinets and cupboards typically have a lifespan of around 50+ years. However, low-quality materials can mean you’ll have to repurchase new cabinets sooner. We suggest choosing premium quality materials such as timber, plywood, or glass to ensure your cupboards last.
  • Consider the style. High-quality cabinets will often be somewhat timeless in their style. If you plan to sell or rent your property in the future, you’ll need to consider investing in neutrally coloured cupboards with a universally appealing aesthetic.
  • Look at the installation process. If you’ve chosen stock cupboards or cabinets, the installation should be straightforward for either you or a tradesperson. Low-quality cabinets will be flimsy and difficult to install. While custom cabinets have a trickier installation process, you'll have peace of mind that your cupboards are designed especially for your home. 

If You’re After Bathroom, Kitchen, Or Wine Cabinets, Check Out Appleby & Co’s Online Store

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