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Everything A Good Retirement Home Needs To Make Seniors Comfortable

Retirement homes are entrusted with the final years of a person’s life, so you’d expect them to be serene places that cater to every senior person’s needs. While most residences offer the basics to cater to their elderly tenants, many homes don’t provide enough services and equipment to make their residents feel valued, content, and happy. The team at Appleby & Co believe that Australian seniors should be comfortable in their later years, so we sell a range of products that would be fantastic additions to any retirement home. From a massage table to a bath chair, we stock everything you need to make each resident feel safe and cared for. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your nursing home is adequately prepared for senior tenants.

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Thoughtful Services A Good Home Should Offer

One of the essential elements to retirement homes is convenience. Everything a senior citizen might need has to be accessible. There are a few in-house services your nursing home could offer to make life easier for the elderly resident.s 

  • A massage service. Many older people suffer from chronic pain and illness, and their discomfort can be temporarily relieved through massage. Appleby & Co have a wide range of products that will help you keep an in-house massage service. A massage table, a portable massage chair, and a qualified masseuse are all you need.
  • A hairdressing service. An in-house salon makes a world of difference for older people living in a retirement home. A person’s happiness can often be improved when they feel confident in their appearance, and a hair salon will help restore that confidence to the residents. If you’re worried about equipment, Appleby & Co have everything you’ll need. A barber chair, a rolling hair steamer, and a hairdressing trolley are available in our online store.
  • Hydrotherapy. Older people suffer from many ailments that can affect mobility and comfort. One great rehabilitation exercise is hydrotherapy, which reduces muscle tension, increases blood circulation, and improves joint flexibility. It also improves overall mood and wellbeing. If you don’t have access to an in-house pool, consider finding a physiotherapy business that specialises in hydrotherapy. If your residents struggle significantly with mobility, a shower chair may help to ease their progress. 

Equipment To Make Elderly Lives Easier

There are a few products that every retirement home should own to make the lives of their residents easier. These items should be available for everyone to use, so it’s best to stock up. 

  • A shower chair for elderly people. Senior citizens are at a greater risk of falls, so we need to be sure they are safe in places with higher slip hazards.
  • Over-bed tables. People with mobility issues or chronic pain may not be able to leave bed every day. Your nursing home should have plenty of bed tables available so residents can eat, drink, read, and write from the comfort of their bed.
  • Medication organisers. Often, older people will have to take a range of medications throughout the day. It’s essential to have organisers for each resident to make their access to medicines simpler.
  • Assistance technology. For residents who can’t see as well, it’s important to have technology such as a Google Home or an Amazon Echo so they can text and call loved ones. For those hard of hearing, try to supply easy-to-use touch-based technology.
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How To Make Sure Your Residents Are Happy And Thriving

While you can have plenty of products to make life easier for your residents, ultimately you need to make sure they’re happy. Here are a few ideas you can implement to make sure your residents have opportunities to thrive. 

  • Chances to volunteer. Many elderly people miss the social aspect of working, and they love to give back to their community. Contact local charity shops, community garden programs, or schools to see if you can organise volunteering opportunities for your residents.
  • Social circles. Whether it’s a book club, a team sport, a walking group, or an art therapy group, offer your elderly residents plenty of chances to make friends and form social groups. The senior years aren’t easy, but they’re made richer and better with friends. 
  • Opportunities to learn. Learning never stops, even when one enters a retirement home. Give your residents something to work toward by offering courses and classes based on lifelong learning. Some ideas could be learning mindfulness, drawing, a cooking class, or yoga.
  • Offer good food. While there are many dietary requirements for senior citizens, food doesn’t have to be boring. Let your residents have some input into the menu and try to make meals exciting, fresh, and healthy. 

If You Need Essential Items For A Nursing Home, Find Out What Appleby & Co Can Do For You

Since 2010, Appleby & Co have been bringing Australian shoppers home, garden, and lifestyle products from some of the best brands and manufacturers worldwide. We’re 100% Aussie-owned and operated, and we are entirely committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products for the lowest prices without compromising on quality or service. At Appleby & Co, it’s our passion to help people from all over Australia create the home of their dreams without having to break the bank. If you’re after a massage table, hairdressing trolley, shower stools, or any other essential items for a nursing home, you can find it on Appleby & Co’s website today.