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Make the most of the perfect weather year-round with outdoor furniture in styles that span beachside chic, backyard haven and more. We at Appleby&Co have a wide range of outdoor furniture, whether you're creating a new alfresco outdoor space or upgrading your existing patio. Check coordinated outdoor furniture sets or discover that one perfect piece of furniture to maximise your spice your outdoor space. Shop the Appleby&Co range of outdoor beds, tables, furniture sets and more.

Outdoor Furniture

How To Pick The Perfect Outdoor Furniture For Your Patio Or Balcony

If you’re looking to spruce up your balcony space, but you don’t want to break the bank, you wouldn’t be alone. The team at Appleby & Co believes that beautiful outdoor entertaining areas should be achievable within any budget, so we’ve made it our priority to be premier suppliers of high-quality yet cheap outdoor furniture. If you’re looking for tips on picking the right patio furniture, you’ve come to the right place! This is our short guide to choosing the ideal balcony furniture to suit your budget.

A Couple Of Questions To Ask Yourself

Before you start shopping, it’s important to gather an idea of what you’ll be looking for to save yourself becoming overwhelmed later. 

  • Where will I be storing my balcony furniture when I’m not using it? This will determine which materials you should look for in your furniture. If you have a safe, dry place to store them, you can look at materials like wicker or fabric. However, if you’ll be leaving your tables and chairs outside throughout rain, hail, and shine, you might want to consider stainless steel PE wicker or outdoor wood furniture.
  • How often will I be using my outdoor furniture? If you only plan on using it a couple of times a year, you may want to consider spending less on something compactable and easy to store. However, if you plan on using your patio furniture multiple times a week, you should invest in something you’ll love to use. 
  • How much am I willing to spend? Make sure to be reasonable with yourself on this point. Remember, you can invest money into crockery, table runners, cushions, rugs, and lamps to liven the space up, so only spend as much as you need to on a high-quality patio set. Fortunately, at Appleby & Co, you can choose from hundreds of beautiful, premium quality outdoor sets for the lowest prices, so you don’t have to compromise on style or quality. 
  • What does outdoor entertaining usually look like for me? Do you have a couple of friends over for wine and cheese out on the deck? Or do you regularly invite family, extended family, and friends over for big barbecue parties? You don’t want to get an outdoor timber furniture set that’s too small for your guests or too extravagant for your deck.
10 Piece Garden Lounge Set with Cushions Poly Rattan Brown
10 Piece Garden Lounge Set with Cushions Poly Rattan Brown

Choosing An Aesthetic To Match Your House

Ideally, you want your outdoor furniture to be an extension of your home’s interior, so you’ll want to pick cheap outdoor furniture that blends seamlessly with your house’s aesthetic.

  • Look at the materials used for the exterior of your home. If your house uses a lot of concrete and steel, a stainless steel or aluminium patio furniture set will look chic and integrated. If your home has plenty of timer finishes, consider investing in outdoor timber furniture to tie everything together.
  • Coordinate colours. Look critically at the colour palette for your home’s exterior and interior and try to bring those colours outdoors. Ideally, you want to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, creating a beautiful alfresco space. 
  • Understand your personal style. You don’t have to just stick a table and chairs out on the deck and leave it at that. You can decorate your outdoor area to match your personal style. If your home is full of light pastels and beachy knick-knacks, carry those themes outside to your outdoor entertaining area. Likewise, if you keep your home minimalistic, bring that style to your outdoor space.

The Best Advice You Can Hear About Balcony Furniture

Appleby & Co have been selling cheap outdoor furniture for years, and over that time we’ve picked up a few pieces of advice to share. 

  • Never compromise on quality. No matter what your budget, never sacrifice quality. You want your balcony furniture to last for quite some time. If you purchase low-quality furniture, you’ll find yourself having to replace it sooner and spending far more than you wanted. The team at Appleby & Co believe in supplying premium quality yet cheap outdoor furniture, so we have outdoor furniture solutions to fit all budgets. 
  • Read the reviews. Some people are sceptical about buying furniture online, so we’d suggest reading the product reviews first. Appleby & Co have almost 9,000 verified reviews online, so you can make an informed decision when buying patio furniture. 
  • Maintenance is the trick to durability. While it’s true that some materials are longer-lasting than others, the real trick to keeping your cheap outdoor furniture for longer is proper maintenance. Use covers when not using your outdoor set to prevent sun damage or pack your furniture away somewhere safe and dry. If you have outdoor timber furniture, treat the wood regularly to keep it looking fresh and new. Hose down your furniture before and after use and wipe it off regularly when you see dust or cobwebs forming. If you keep up these habits, your balcony furniture will last a very long time. 
10 Piece Garden Lounge Set with Cushions Poly Rattan Black

Head To Appleby & Co For All Your Outdoor Furniture Needs

Since 2010, Appleby & Co have been bringing Australian shoppers home, garden, and lifestyle products from some of the best brands and manufacturers worldwide. We’re 100% Aussie-owned and operated, and we are entirely committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products for the lowest prices without compromising on quality or service. At Appleby & Co, it’s our passion to help people from all over Australia create the homes and gardens of their dreams without having to break the bank. If you’d like to check out our wide range of premium-quality cheap outdoor furniture, head to our website today.