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Leather Sofa

Appleby & Co’s Guide To Selecting The Perfect Sofa

A sofa sets the tone for the living room, so it’s essential to choose one that’s not only functional but fits in seamlessly with your living room’s aesthetic. With so many materials, colours, and options available, it can be challenging to choose the one you know will suit your needs. The team at Appleby & Co are furniture experts, and we have a few tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect sofa. Whether you’re looking for a leather sofa, a futon couch, or a recliner sofa, Appleby & Co has what you need.

2-Seater Chesterfield Sofa Artificial Suede Leather Grey

Picking The Right Sofa Configuration For Your Living Space

There are so many sofa configurations to choose from; how will you know which is the right set up for your living area? The team at Appleby & Co have outlined a few different options so we can walk you through the benefits of each. 

  • The loveseat. This cosy little sofa looks best in a bedroom or a smaller sitting area where space is limited. It also looks great when complemented with an armchair or two and a sofa table.
  • The two/three-seater sofa. While these can be very simplistic sofas, you allow yourself more creative freedom with the rest of the room by buying one. You can go for a linen, velvet, or leather sofa in a bold colour or you can choose a neutral tone that blends into the room. Some three-seater couches will also fold into a recliner sofa or a futon sofa, perfect for guests.
  • The ‘L’ sofa. A trendy sofa configuration, the ‘L’ shape is ideal for families or people looking to make a statement with their couch. Make sure to carefully consider your living room before purchase so you can choose which side has the longer arm. Alternatively, some couches allow you to put the long arm on either side, so the sofa works in any room.
  • The ‘U’ sofa. These couches bring a social aspect into the living room. As a huge lounge sofa, the ‘U’ configuration is best for spacious living areas and can be positioned in front of a wide-screen TV or projector screen. 

Tips To Choosing A Sofa You’ll Love For Years To Come

The most effective way to choose a sofa that will last years is selecting one that’s future proof. When we say ‘future-proof’, we encourage customers to ask themselves questions about their future 5-10 years from now to understand what they will need from their sofa. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to understand better which sofa to pick. 

  • What will my family look like in the future? Will you have kids or perhaps your children will have left home. Do you anticipate any family or friends staying with you for long periods? Do you have pets, or do you expect to adopt pets in the future? You can figure out the size, material, and configuration of your sofa by asking these simple questions.
  • Will I be moving soon? Whether you’re renting, buying, or planning to sell your home, your plans for the future may impact on your purchase decision. For example, someone renting and moving a fair bit probably doesn't want a large, heavy, complicated sofa. Likewise, if you’re selling soon, you’ll want to make sure you get a couch that can integrate into any living space.
  • Where will my sofa be placed? Understanding where your sofa will sit and how you’ll use it will help you pick the right material. If you plan on placing your lounge sofa in a nice sitting room reserved only for entertaining guests, you may opt for a nice leather sofa. If your couch is in a sunny living room for anyone’s enjoyment, you may want to choose a linen or fabric couch. If you plan on having guests stay on your futon couch, perhaps consider acrylic or artificial materials. 
3-Seater Sofa with Cushions Grey Faux Leather
Chesterfield Corner Sofa 5-Seater Artificial Leather Brown

How To Keep Your Sofa Looking Like New

The cleaning methods used to maintain your couch will depend mainly on its material. Here are a few common lounge sofa materials and a few tips on keeping them pristine. 

  • Natural fabric sofa. If you buy a fabric lounge sofa, vacuuming it regularly will help keep it free of dust and dirt. Should anything spill, make sure you address stains very quickly using bi-carb soda and vinegar.
  • Leather sofa. You can use gentle soap and warm water to clean a leather couch and let it air dry naturally. After it’s dry, apply a leather cream or oil to keep it soft and luxurious.
  • Faux leather sofa. Chemicals will discolour and damage pleather, so make sure you clean it with warm water and natural soaps. Only use soft, non-abrasive cloths and ensure it’s damp and not dripping wet.
  • Acrylic fabric sofa. Make sure you use nothing but clean, soapy water to clean artificial fibres. Harsh chemicals can damage the materials, so avoid them at all costs. Between cleans, just dust the sofa down with a microfibre cloth.
  • Velvet sofa. Keep velvet out of direct sunlight to avoid fading and clean with a vacuum every once in a while. If you have a crushed velvet lounge, use a steamer to keep it looking neat. 

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