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Dining Table And Chairs

Do You Need A New Dining Table And Chairs? Signs It’s Time For Change

At Appleby & Co, we love making your home look great and functional. Whether you love eating as a family or having guests over for a meal, you need to invest in a quality dining table and chairs. Eating is a massive part of our lives, so if you have a worn table or dining chairs that are falling apart, it’s time for a change. 

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Signs You Should Look At Replacing Your Dining Table And Chairs

Have you started thinking it’s time to replace the dining table and chairs? At Appleby & Co, we love helping people pick out their new dining furniture after seeing some signs that they need change. Here are some signs that tell you to replace your dining table and chairs. 

  • The surface is worn. Over time, the varnish of dining tables starts to wear away, making the table look old and worn. Not only that, if a spill occurs where the varnish is damaged, it could seep through the table and cause the wood to rot.
  • Extensions don’t work. Do you love having guests over for dinner? If the extensions on your table stop working, it’s a sure sign you need to invest in a new table so you can accommodate your guests.
  • It doesn’t match your decor. Look around. Does your table no longer match the decor in the dining room? If so, you need to think long and hard about if you want to have a table that doesn’t fit, and if you don’t, it’s time to invest in a new one.
  • Chairs are ripped up. If you’ve had your dining chairs for years and have noticed the fabric has started to rip, you need to buy new ones. Getting them repaired can sometimes cost just as much as buying new ones.
  • No longer comfortable. Dining is all about comfort, and if people complain about the chairs hurting their backs, it’s a good sign that you should buy some new dining chairs.
  • The chairs creak. If you notice that your dining chairs creak when you sit down, you don’t want to risk them getting worse and eventually breaking underneath someone. Protect yourself and your family and invest in new dining chairs. 

Things To Consider Before Buying New Furniture

Shopping for home furniture is so much fun, but there are also a few things you need to think about before you buy new furniture. Below is a guide to help you. 

  • Size of the room. When buying a new dining table and chairs, you need to think about the size of your dining room. You need to purchase furniture that will fit into the room nicely and provide enough space for people to move around.
  • Colour of the furniture. Colour is essential when choosing furniture. If you want to buy a black dining table, you have to make sure it complements the room’s colours and decorations.
  • Durability. When investing in an oversized item such as a dining room table, you want to ensure it’s durable. At Appleby & Co, we only stock the highest quality furniture, so you can’t go wrong when purchasing a dining table and chairs from us.
  • Cost of the furniture. Alongside durability, you also need to think about the cost of the furniture. Having a budget is great, but you don’t want to buy a cheap table that will break within the year.
  • Comfort. Lastly, you have to think about comfort when purchasing new furniture. You’ll spend a lot of time eating at your dining table, so you want to make sure the dining chairs are comfortable. 
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Creative Ways To Style Your Dining Table And Chairs

  • Plants, flowers, or fruits. If you have a white dining table and chairs, one of the simplest and traditional ways to style the table is to add a pop of colour. Whether you want to add a bowl of fruit or a vase of pink lilies, the world is your oyster!
  • A trio of vessels. If you love simplicity, a trio of ceramic plates in different shapes and sizes is a great way to style your dining table. When grouping, remember to use various sizes and shapes but keep the material the same for a cohesive look.
  • Feature pendant. It’s not always about what sits on the table when it comes to styling, but what’s above it. A feature pendant is a beautiful way to use your dining table to create a statement in the space.
  • Colourful runner. If you love neutral designs but also want to spruce up the space a bit, add a colourful runner to your table and watch the room light up!
  • Classic colours. Black and white are always in style. So why not put black dining chairs with a white dining table and add a pop of colour as your centrepiece?
  • Mix and match. If you don’t like sticking to the rules, one way to make a statement in your dining room is to mix and match the dining chairs. You can go for a classic, rustic, or even retro look depending on what chairs you choose.

Head To Appleby & Co When You Need A New Dining Table And Chairs

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