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Outdoor Bench

Why Invest In An Area To Enjoy The Outdoors?

At Appleby & Co, we’re firm believers that every home should have a designated area to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you like to draw, read a book, or just sit with a cup of tea in your spare time, there’s nothing quite like taking in some fresh air and being in the sun for a few minutes every day. An outdoor sofa is ideal for your balcony or deck, or down on the grass under a shady tree. If you’re looking for the next addition to your household, we’ve come up with a few reasons why you should consider investing in an outdoor bench.

Adirondack Chair Solid Acacia Wood

The Benefits of Being Outside

The health and wellbeing benefits associated with simply being outdoors are so impressive that you’ll be browsing outdoor lounge chairs before you know it!

  • Improve your mood. Studies have shown that being outside in the sun and air reduces stress levels and calms the mind. Sitting outside reduces blood pressure, lowers heart rate, and reduces cortisol levels, all of which increase when one is stressed. Additionally, outdoor scents such as grass, flowers, and trees relieve anxiety symptoms, leaving one feeling calmer. 
  • Increases your energy levels. Before you reach for your morning cup of coffee, think about this. Research has indicated that taking in 20 minutes of fresh air outdoors gives you the same energy boost as one cup of coffee. If you’re looking to cut down on your caffeine intake, perhaps consider investing in an outdoor wood bench to sit on for 20 minutes each morning.
  • Improve your productivity. Being outdoors for 20 minutes a day can improve your focus and concentration dramatically, and regular exposure to fresh air and sunlight can increase your creativity by up to 50%! An outdoor timber bench seat could be your gateway to better working habits. 
  • Get your vitamin D intake. Many of us suffer from vitamin D deprivation, which helps us absorb calcium, reduce inflammation, and prevent osteoporosis. While we can get some vitamin D from food, 90% should come from casual exposure to sunlight. All you need to do is spend 10-30 minutes basking in the sun on your outdoor lounge chairs a few times a week to get your recommended intake.

5 Ideas To Create A Relaxing Outdoor Haven

Once you have your outdoor sofa, make it a place you’ll want to spend a decent amount of time each day. Here are a few tips for creating a comfortable, enticing outdoor haven. 

  • Comfy cushions. Throw some oversized, comfortable cushions on your outdoor bench to make it a place you’ll want to while away the hours on a Sunday afternoon. 
  • Fairy lights. Who says you only have to use your outdoor lounge chairs during the day? Wrap some beautiful fairy lights around the area to create plenty of warm lighting. 
  • A throw. Many wooden outdoor chairs come with compartments beneath them for storage, so fold up a warm throw and store it with your outdoor sofa. It’ll come in handy when you and a significant other want to curl up under the stars in winter. 
  • Citronella candles. The last thing you want when you’re trying to enjoy your time outdoors is mosquitos and sand flies biting. Citronella candles not only smell great and look beautiful, but they also keep pesky insects at bay. 

    An outdoor rug. When planning an outdoor space, people don’t often consider rugs. However, a beautiful outdoor rug can tie a space together wonderfully, creating a cohesive, enticing outdoor area. Plus, people can sit on your outdoor bench if you have friends over, while others can enjoy sitting on the rug.

(Source: Alexandra Lowenthal on Unsplash) Being outdoors has so many benefits for your health and wellbeing.

(Source: Shawn Ang on Unsplash) Fairy lights encourage people to spend more time outdoors long after the sun has set.

What Sets Appleby & Co Apart?

When it comes to selling high-quality outdoor furniture online, Appleby & Co are Aussie favourites. 

  • We have an unmatched range of high-quality products. No matter what you need to create your ideal living space, you’ll be able to find it at Appleby & Co. We’re proud of our extensive range of products, and we’re dedicated to offering the best value without compromising on quality. 
  • If you’re not happy, we’ll take the items back. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with your purchase or there’s something wrong with it, you have 14 days to return the item for your money back.
  • We deliver anywhere in Australia for free. That’s right; we have a $0 shipping fee Australia-wide. Plus, we have next-day dispatch so you’ll be able to host your dream barbecue a whole lot sooner. 
  • We offer flexibility. Looking to buy wooden outdoor chairs but don’t want to dip into your savings? Appleby & Co have flexible payment options, so you can pay upfront with debit, credit, or PayPal, or you can pay in 4 instalments using AfterPay or ZipPay. 
  • We prioritise customer service. Above all else, we’re committed to ensuring our customers are delighted with their purchase and experience. We have plenty of helpful information about our business, returns, payment options, and products online, but in the event you can’t find what you need, we urge our customers to reach out and contact us.

If You’re Looking For An Outdoor Bench, Check Out Appleby & Co’s Online Store

Since 2010, Appleby & Co have been bringing Australian shoppers home, garden, and lifestyle products from some of the best brands and manufacturers worldwide. We’re 100% Aussie-owned and operated, and we are entirely committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products for the lowest prices without compromising on quality or service. At Appleby & Co, it’s our passion to help people from all over Australia create the homes and gardens of their dreams without having to break the bank. If you’re looking for a premium-quality outdoor bench, head to our website today.