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We Carry an extensive range of Cat Trees, towers and scratching posts to suit almost every type of cat and kitten. Before you click add to cart here are a few tips on things to consider.

How to Choose the Right Cat Tower?
With so many Cat towers and trees to choose from it can be hard to know where to begin, some have hammocks, some have condos, some have multiple sisal posts with ladders, some have several ways in and out…. the choose of options is seemingly   endless. First of all we suggest you ask yourself   the  following questions:
How many cats do you have? competition and squabbles is not limited to people if you have more than one cat and or a dog it is wise to consider a cat tower or tree with multiple ways in and out so that 'door guarding’ doesn’t mean one is stuck inside or on a raised platform for a long period. 
Is your cat a scratcher? Most cats like to scratch but not all are made equal! Some like to scratch vertically while other are horizontal scratchers. Watch you cat in action before making your purchasing decision, if you cat is an avid scratcher and loves vertical poles then a tree with one or more vertical sisal scratching poles is a good choice where your cat has to stand on their hind legs to get a good scratch. If they prefer horizontal scratching then a tree with sisal close to the base may be the best choice.
Does you cat like heights? Some cats are climbers and love a lofty perch but no two cats are the same and some prefer to hide under the bed or in cupboards - which does your cat prefer? A cat tower is ideal for a puss that likes heights while a set up with a cubby house would likely be better suited if you cat can often be found under the bed. 
How active is you cat? Consider your cats age, health and athletic tendencies when choosing a cat tree. You’re cats and kittens often like to jump and a tree with more space between levels and ladders and platforms might be a good choice but may be intimidating for a older cat If you cat appears disinterested in the tower or tree you have this may be the reason and it may be time to rethink the design. 
How Playful is you cat? Some cats and kittens love to play and engage with humans, if your is like that then a tree with toys could be a good choice - you can even attach you own toys to many trees.
Whatever type of cat you have and whichever tree you choose there are a few ‘must haves’ - A claw friendly surface, whether that’s faux fleece, carpet or sisal, good traction and grip is important to provide you cat with a sense of stability and grip so they are confident using the tree. If they fall while they may not injure themselves, they may not feel safe and are unlikely to use it again so avoid anything with a smooth or slippery surface. 
Space - how much of it do you have and how much do you want to allocate to a cat tree? 
Quality, some trees are a big investment. Made of solid timber with carpet and sisal poles. While these will certainly stand the test of time it is worth considering how long your cat is really likely to use it. A 2.5M tower might be great for a kitten or a 1-2 year old cat but not so appealing once they are 5 or 6. 
The majority of towers are made with sturdy engineered wood and cardboard covered with faux fur and or carpet and sisal. These types will usually last you 2-5 years depending on how much they get used and generally that’s about right for most cats who after that length of time may grow bored with the same tower or simply grow out of it. So while it’s tempting to get your fur friend the very best quality, it may not always be the practical choice and the tower may outlast the cats interest in it by a number of years.